This is what we do.


Your heart beats in your chest like the drum of a battle march. Your legs burn and rip like meat being torn from the bone. Your back is being squeezed and pulled relentlessly until you can barely hold your own weight. Thump, thump, thump. Your head begins to form its own bass as it pulsates to the incessant pace of your pedal strokes. This is what we put ourselves through when we climb…this is what we do when we ride hard…this is what we do for pleasure.


For many people riding isn’t just about getting on your bike and pedalling along to see what you can find, it’s more than that. It’s the physical and emotional attachment you have to your machine and the way that this relationship can be tested every time the gradient increases. The act of climbing has often been compared with that of meditation. The moment when you only have yourself for company, at what seems to be some of the darkest times. Trying to push further, harder and faster. To reach the summit sooner or to just reach it at all is the goal.


To find this simplicity in any other area of our lives is difficult. There are always distractions. The complexity of managing your relationships, the difficulty of juggling your financial responsibilities and the enormity of the ‘to do’ list that sits upon your refrigerator door. This stress builds and builds, but all can be forgotten, if not for a moment, during that effort in solitude…out and about…out riding.


Embrace the peace.

Strive for the quiet.

Make the most of the distraction.


For this is what we do and this is why we do it.


Share your ride.