Puncheur Socks

Puncheur Socks

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6 inch tall breathable socks for the longest hardest days.

Features Include

  • Unique graphical pattern

  • Hight wicking breathable fabric 

  • Aero construction

  • Six inch cuff

  • Designed in Sheffield, UK

  • Made in the UK


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Puncheurs are often known as the hardest cyclist in the peloton. They are break away specialists, powerful sprinters and have an ability to sprint up some of the worlds short steep climbs. Our Puncheur Socks celebrate these riders ability to succeed in the harshest of conditions, whether thats the cobbles of Belgium or the gravel roads of Italy, offering a unique combination of graphical styling and performance fabrics.

Made in the UK our Puncheur Socks feature a multi woven fabric that provides all day comfort and breathability. No matter how tough the road, no matter how harsh the conditions. The power of the Puncheur is at your feet!