Classic Bib Tights

Classic Bib Tights


A highly insulated pair of bib tights that won't leave you in the cold.

Features include

  • Elastic Interface pad

  • Breathable mesh bibs

  • Super Roubaix legging material

  • Heat pressed logos

  • Reflective details

  • Designed in Sheffield, UK

  • Made in Italy


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Our Classic Bib Tights have been constructed using the same Super Roubaix fabric as our deep winter jerseys to provide comfort and protection against cold weather. Their multi panel construction is specifically designed to contour your body, keeping the fabric close to your skin, increasing the insulating and aerodynamic properties of the tights. The high quality pad, supplied by Elastic Interface, ensures comfort for hard efforts and long distance cycling, whilst the breathable mesh upper straps of the bibs offer enough support to hold the bibs firmly in place. With clear Curbar branding the tights are the perfect compliment to any of our other products.