James began cycling as a teenager, growing up in the countryside and deciding not to learn how to drive left him no choice but to cycle everywhere. Although his first few bikes were BMX bikes the ideology of road cycling has always been in his blood, racing his friends up the local hills on the way to a good spot for some street or dirt BMX.



After leaving home for university James stopped cycling for a few years until he met Dave, who encouraged him to get back on the bike. At this point James bought his first road bike, a steel Raleigh that just about worked well enough to ride in the Peaks. From there onwards he was hooked, many bikes and miles later and James is now riding in the hills six days a week. His favourite type of roads are often quite hilly, with his strong point being short sharp steep climbs and rolling roads. You’ll often find him out on his own early in the morning or on the front of the 7Hills Tuesday night ride pushing hard.



As mentioned earlier James met Dave at Sheffield Hallam University where they both studied fine art. Both Dave and James have exhibited their artwork internationally over the last 6 years showing in some of Europe’s major art galleries. With James’ art work in some of Europe’s most notable art dealer’s collections.



James’ background in fine art and creative culture brings a vital aspect to the design process behind Curbar Cycling. His design influences come from a number of sources way beyond cycling culture, keeping Curbar’s designs fresh and experimental.


Watch this space as he has already got some great designs for this winters range in the bag!


James is the Co-Founder and Lead Designer for Curbar Cycling Apparel.


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