Dave began his relationship with all things 2 wheeled from an early age, but it wasn't until he was 18 that he really fell in love with road cycling. Competing initially amongst the local time trial scene and along with the odd triathlon he fast became hooked. Throughout his studies at art school he continued to cycle, regularly fleeting between his hometown of Hull and Sheffield in order to continue to compete. It was his studies at art school in Sheffield where he met fellow co-founder of Curbar Cycling, James, but more on that another time.


Dave’s background in the visual arts certainly helps when designing eye catching cycling apparel and the attention to detail in both his artwork and Curbar’s current range is certainly something that doesn't go unnoticed.


Cycling is in Dave’s blood, having come from a series of family members who have been involved with the Humberside time trialling circuit for years. His grandfather, Peter, was a top class time keeper and loved to ride and his father, Mike, once held the competition record for the fastest junior 25 mile time trial. Mike still races now, strong as ever, and he even features in some of the Curbar Holiday photos from Mallorca that we posted on here a month or so ago. See if you can spot the family resemblance.


Dave feels most at home on the flat roads but doesn’t mind the odd shallow climb, with his favorite being the iconic Froggatt (which will be familiar to pretty much anyone who has entered the Peak District for a gruelling day in the saddle). Other favourites include some amazing routes through Mallorca, mainly the climb from the village of Selva up to the area of Lluc.

So as you can see it was inevitable that Dave would be involved in cycling one way or another. So, if you see him out in the Peak District or around the flat lands of the East Riding of Yorkshire, then give him a wave. In his own words, “You’ll spot me, i’ll be the one hanging off the back”.


Dave is the Co-Founder and Head of Sales at Curbar Cycling Apparel.


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