Curbar Cycling Classic Bib Shorts in Detail

Rule #14 of Velominati’s ‘The Rules’ states that “shorts should be black.” We don’t necessarily agree with that but we are interested in the long history the humble pair of black shorts and the role it has played in the fabric of cycling culture. From the early days of black woolen shorts which amongst other purposes helped hide the grease and stains that many riders would encounter during their adventures all the way through to the groups of Sunday crusaders taking to their steeds heading for a little jaunt down to the local pub. Throughout all the years one things remains, the humble pair of black cycling shorts.


This is where our design process started. We wanted to make a pair of cycling shorts which worked with multiple types of jersey and sock combinations, had a simple and understated design and most importantly provided great comfort for hours in the saddle.

Made from high quality Italian Lycra our Classic Bib Shorts have been constructed to fit close to the skin, following the natural contours of the leg, for maximum comfort during long days in the saddle. We’ve used high grip elasticated leg bands to further improve the shorts fit,keeping the leg the same position pedal stroke after pedal stroke, avoiding uncomfortable pulling or tightness around the thigh. Using a close cut construction has enabled us to provide a better and more secure placement of the pad insert, reducing the chances of movement during riding.


The upper breathable mesh sections of the bibs hold the shorts at the right height and reduce any unwanted movement which can often result in discomfort as you continually shift position on the saddle. The white colour used for the bibs ties the classic colour scheme of the shorts, which is finished off with a heat pressed logo on the rear  and printed Curbar Cycling branding on the legs of the shorts.

Finally and most importantly is the pad. Our pads have been designed and tested by a range of cyclists, ranging from the everyday mile eater to seasoned pro riders on the continent. The DR PADS© insert is specially cut for comfort and uses high density foam to provide durability and reliability ride after ride.

We believe the timeless styling of our Classic Bib Shorts is the perfect match for any jersey, we don’t all have to agree about Rule #14, but in this situation it seems to sum it up pretty well.