Here is Dave’s Cervelo S3. Fully equipped with Shimano Ultegra Di2 and finished with a combination of FSA, Rotor and Mavic touches this is definitely a bike built for speed.

The bike itself matches aerodynamics with comfort in a way that many other aero bikes in the past seem to have failed to do. The deep section tubes, in particular the super wide bottom bracket, mean that this bike really flies when putting down the power.


Aero road bikes have come along way in the last few years. Initially seeming like the heavier and more uncomfortable sibling of the traditional road frame, many designers have taken this on board and have begun producing aero framesets which not only cut through the air with ease but they also provide a greater level of comfort for riders and are much more versatile than their predecessors. Dave regularly rides the S3 along rough and winding roads which make up a large part of his Peak District focused riding, and in all of these conditions it is still his go to bike for a dry sunny day.


This bike is perfect for a bigger rider like Dave who is often more comfortable on rolling terrain rather than too steep climbs. However this bike is more than capable when the gradients increase. The bike is lightweight, stiff and responsive.


More importantly than the technical attributes of this bike is the way it looks. It’s simply beautiful. The traditional looking geometry, the paired back paintwork and it’s sleek finish are the main attraction. For Dave and the rest of us here at Curbar Cycling we feel you should be proud of the bike you are riding and a lot of that comes from the aesthetic beauty of the machine. The Cervelo S3 is no exception and it always turns heads when out on a sun filled weekend of riding.