Here is James’ Cervelo R3 Ultegra Di2, with the addition of finishing kit supplied by 3T and Fizik, it’s a bike that is not only light weight but also remarkably fast on flatter roads too.


After crashing and snapping his previous bike, James spent some time looking for a replacement that would be light weight, stiff and aerodynamic in equal parts. Living on the edge of the Peak District’s many hills owning a bike that climbs well is really important, but finding one that would also hold its speed on the flat was harder than it seemed.


The latest Cervelo R3 seemed to fit the gap perfectly for James, having been adapted from previous models to be more aero whilst also providing increased stiffness. This makes the bike perfect for pretty much any terrain, something which is only possible thanks to the use of what Cervelo call ‘Squoval’ tubing. Square shaped tubes resist bending the most, whilst circular tubes are the best for increased torsion; ‘Squoval’ tubes provide the best of both these characteristics at specific parts of the frame to increase the ride quality.


James has upgraded most of the finishing kit on the bike using parts from 3T including their recently launched C35 Orbis II wheelset and 3T Aeronova bars. Both add to the aerodynamics, low weight and comfort of the bike overall.


Whether its suffering up a hill or chugging along  at race pace on the flat the Cervelo R3 is a perfect all rounder and it’s ability to mould to itself to any terrain does not go unnoticed.