Founded in 2016 Curbar Cycling is a clothing and lifestyle brand, which produces art and design inspired luxury performance cycling apparel. 


Set up by artist James Clarkson and curator David McLeavy, Curbar Cycling is inspired by the rich history of 20th century art and design whilst maintaining a modern approach to producing the highest quality technical cycling wear. 


All of the materials are carefully sourced from the most reputable manufacturers with both performance and durability in mind. Fabrics such as Microfibra and B-Elastic 135 combine to ensure all of the jerseys are breathable, well fitting and will stand the test of time, whilst the choice of Elastic Interface X-TRACT chamois pads provide comfort for hours and hours in the saddle.


All of the items are carefully handmade in Italy and the UK and are rigorously tested in a range of climates and conditions, from the blistering heat of Girona to the cold and bitter winters of The Peak District National Park. 


Curbar is about the ride and where the ride can take you. Curbar is about the journey.




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