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The Albers Jersey  

Curbar Cycling returns with the very limited edition ‘Albers’ Jersey for SS19. Drawing on Josef Albers’ painting series, Homage to the Square, the jersey reimagines Albers’ iconic compositional scheme in a palette from Casa Luis Barragán, the former residence of modernist architect Luis Barragán in Mexico City. Both Albers and Barragán were known for their use of broad planar forms and bright colours, exploring the ways in which different colours and forms interact to produce different perceptions or evoke different feelings.

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Riding About,

About Riding

Founded in 2016 Curbar Cycling is a clothing and lifestyle brand, which produces art and design inspired luxury performance cycling apparel. 

Curbar is about the ride and where the ride can take you.

Curbar is about the journey.


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